A self study course for seasoned entrepreneurs and new business owners seeking clarity about their Brand

Whether you are launching a business, changing direction or stepping into an upgrade this course will infuse your business with sheer confidence and clarity about your Brand Essence.

Designed for business owners that want to:

  • Root their communications in one overarching clear foundation

  • Become fluent and comfortable about your Brand

  • Discern what your Brand is and what your Brand is not

  • Explain with ease the essence of what you do

  • Align your inner Vision with the outer translation

  • Learn to activate your Soul Brand in You

  • Become crystal clear and relaxed about communicating the thing you do

When you don't have Brand Clarity

  • You feel challenged when you have to explain what you do. When someone asks what is your business you go into long winded explanations or completely minimise it!

  • You may have many qualifications and skills and yet you cannot condense in one short sentence the essence of what you do

  • You are unsure about your credibility even though you are experienced in what you do

  • Your Brand lacks consistency or is not fully representing your business

Tried and tested

Embodying your Brand is based on my extensive experience as a Designer teaching clients how to pause, reflect and truly align themselves to the essence of their brand. When this part of the Design process is done thoroughly and in-depth, we create a solid foundation for the rest of the project to come through with elegance, ease, joy and complete confidence.

Embodying your Brand curriculum

    1. Welcome to Embodying your Brand

    2. EYB- Orientation

    3. Join the Student Community

    1. EYB- Lesson 1- The True Essence of your Brand

    2. EYB- Lesson 2- Your Business Vision

    3. EYB- Lesson 3- The three aspects of your Brand

    4. EYB- Lesson 4- Visualize your Brand

    5. EYB- Lesson 5- Tune into your Clients

    6. EYB- Lesson 6- Brand Activation

    7. Completion

    1. Resources for all Lessons

About this course

  • £220.00
  • 11 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


"Very clarifying. It is different to what I expected, especially as it was activating both sides of the brain. I loved it, it was not academic and thinky. When you guided me to connect to the true essence of my brand I received the insights and had tears in my eyes”

Danielle Gardner

"I thought I knew my Brand but in one of the meditations I just got a deeper connection to my Brand, one that I hadn't come up with in previous times I've done this in different ways. I got it more deeply from my heart, this is the vibe that I am emitting, this is what I want my people to feel when they are with me”

Winnie Sher

"I received a HUGE gain in clarity of who I am and what I offer. I didn't expect this at all but it was really revelatory. It was really nice to unpick everything that I thought I offered, really think about it, and redefine it”

Antonia Beamish

"Your class lessons aid in the ability to help empower people to really dig deep and allow the unfoldment of the website to emerge from the space of their own personal soul"

Tina DuCharme

"You really helped me to discern what the pieces are that people need to hear. I realized I don't need to say it all and I learnt to pull back and discipline myself. The potency of what is there now is really alive, a place where people are invited to feel the atmosphere of my business. I learnt to express with the images and the words the right atmosphere for my clients. You support the possibility of soul searching which is really beautiful with just enough structure and with little interference”

Leslie Ellis

What you receive when you enrol:

  • Private Community

    Join the Free Private Student Community where you will connect and network with like-minded business owners and interact with me as I answer questions, and offer exclusive insights.

  • How it works

    This course is intentionally short, packed with value and it goes deep. The video presentations are layered with meditations, visualisations, journaling and specially tailored questionnaires. They all work hand in hand to help you access and root your Brand essence.

  • What you get

    Immediate access to the 9 lessons with an average watch time of 6 minutes each. Guided Meditations and visualisations to tune into the essence of your Soul Brand, your Business Vision, and ideal Client alignment. In-depth questionnaires to get to the core of your Brand essence.

Course Presenter

Nora Zimerman

Brand and Website Designer

I'm a Design Expert and Creative Director, known industry-wide for creating Brands and Websites that deeply reflect your Vision - and nothing less. An Argentine-born artiste, I apply both my extensive experience designing for large corporations, as well as my spiritual path in offering business owners a potent combination of Design, Strategy and Spirituality for their branding and website process.

Tuition Fee

This self-study course is intentionally short, packed with value and in-depth enquiries on Branding. Please make sure you have read the T&C's.

Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully so you understand the terms of purchase.

– This course is offered as self-study and you get immediate access to all lessons and resources.

– It does not include any design work or teaching you how to design.

– There is no personalised coaching or guidance via email.

– Purchases are final. There are no refunds if you decide you don’t like my approach.

– Please read this sales page carefully so you are buying this course intentionally.


  • How long is the course?

    This course covers approx 1 hour of recorded material and you then have the questionnaires to complete. I like to suggest people do it with a blend of spaciousness and intentionality. Pockets of time within one or two weeks' time frame is what I’d suggest you invest in this course. Enough time to go through the lessons, let them drop in, answer the questionnaires; space in between to marinate, and time to come back again and refine.

  • Will I receive Design guidance?

    This course covers the initial Discovery process I use with all my clients before I design their Logos, Websites and Graphics. Once you complete the course you can use the elements of your Brand Signature Essence to DIY or approach your Designer.

  • Will this help me with social media and email marketing?

    This course covers the foundational principles for your Brand. It will definitely inform all your communications but it is not specific to marketing.

  • Will I be able to speak or write to you?

    You are welcome to join the Free Private Student Community where I answer questions and offer insights. For more direct access I offer the Live group Q&A once a month on a Tuesday. As a current client you will get access to these for £25.

  • Are there any extra costs?

    I recommend you take a Brand test that costs 59 USD. It provides you with an excellent perspective on how your brand is perceived and experienced by others.

Discover the core essence of your Soul Brand

As you embody your true, unique Soul Brand your messaging and positioning feels effortless. This course helps you create a solid foundation to communicate your business.