A short course to confidently plan your photoshoot and achieve magical results.

Communicate with your photos the essence of your brand.

Plan and Create your Brand Photoshoot is for you if:

  • You are using a mish-mash of selfies, non brand photos and maybe even old photos of you!

  • You long for a photoshoot but feel unclear about how to approach it

  • You are putting off doing a photoshoot due to lack of confidence

  • You had a photoshoot which feels off brand, and not like you

  • Your images are disparate and inconsistent with your brand essence

Tried and tested

Plan and create your brand photoshoot is based on my extensive experience Art Directing shoots for products and people. Simply put, my clients achieve magical results with their photos. The course covers confidently choosing clothes and locations, selecting the right photographer, crafting a photo brief, to having sheer clarity about what you want to communicate. My wish is that you have your magical brand-aligned photos!

As a result of this course you’ll be able to:

  • Plan and create a brand photoshoot that feels just right

  • Turn up to your shoot with a precise list of what each shot requires, including the right clothes, accessories, hair choices and overall vibe

  • Feel confident and at ease when booking the photographer, knowing your time and investment will yield desired results

  • Become relaxed, focused and achieve amazing results on the day

  • Learn to embody, express and communicate your brand vibe on all your images

  • Weed out the photos that you ‘like’ but are clearly off brand

  • Own a set of unique images that communicate the essence of you and your brand

Plan and create your Brand Photoshoot


    1. PBP- Welcome to plan and create your Brand Photoshoot

    2. PBP- Orientation

    1. PBP- Lesson 1- The power of images

    2. PBP- Lesson 2- What to communicate

    3. PBP- Lesson 3- How to research relevant images

    4. PBP- Lesson 4- Choosing branded clothes

    5. PBP- Lesson 5- Locations and settings

    6. PBP- Lesson 6- Photography brief

    7. PBP- Lesson 7 How to choose a photographer

    8. Completion

    1. Resources for all Lessons

About this course

  • £200.00
  • 11 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


"Nora is the best at this! I had a wonderfully supportive experience of planning and doing a photoshoot with her, and highly recommend this important service!”

Sarah Holding

"I received a HUGE gain in clarity of who I am and what I offer. I didn't expect this at all but it was really revelatory. It was really nice to unpick everything that I thought I offered, really think about it, and redefine it”

Antonia Beamish

What you receive when you enrol:

  • How it works

    This course is intentionally short, packed with value and super practical. The video presentations are layered with meditations, visual research exercises and specially tailored questionnaires. They all work hand in hand to help you create your magical Brand Photoshoot.

  • What you get

    Immediate access to the 9 lessons with an average watch time of 6 minutes each. Practical steps to research and plan a brand photoshoot, photographer's brief template and a peek on how I make confident choices with photoshoot planning examples.

Tuition Fee

An intentionally practical, short, packed with value, step by step planning for executing a brand-aligned photoshoot. Offered as self-study, you get immediate access to all lessons and resources. Purchases are final. Courses are non-refundable


  • How long is the course?

    This course covers approx 1 hour of recorded material plus the questionnaires. I like to suggest you do it with a blend of spaciousness and intentionality within a week's time frame. Enough time to go through the lessons, let them drop in, answer the questionnaires; space in between to marinate, and time to come back again and refine.

  • What does the course cover?

    This course covers the Photography planning process I use with all my clients before I design their Websites. The photos can be used for all your marketing materials- website, profile photos, social media posts, etc. After completing the course you can book a Personal Brand Photoshoot session with me to round up what you've done and put the final touches before you go to the shoot.

  • Will this help me with social media and email marketing?

    Enormously! Your photos are 50% of your communication- or more! People make assumptions and decisions based on your images.

  • Are there any extra costs?

    Within the course, I recommend you take a Brand test that costs 59 USD. It provides you with an excellent perspective on how your brand is perceived and experienced by others.

Course Presenter

Nora Zimerman

Brand and Website Designer

Design Expert and Creative Director, known industry-wide for creating Brands and Websites that deeply reflect your Vision - and nothing less. An Argentine-born artist, I apply both my extensive experience designing for large corporations, as well as my spiritual path in offering business owners a potent combination of Design, Strategy and Spirituality for their branding and website process.

Achieve magical brand photos

Plan and create your brand photoshoot to communicate your business with ease and confidence